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. Inwardly 2. regret 3. occasion 4. complained 5. urged6. coordinate 7. reluctance 8. envy 9. adjust 10. amazedIV. 1. in 2. of 3. on 4. on 5. to 6. out 7. to 8. to 9. on 10. . O Structure:. He had his ears pierced even though I told him not . It was exciting game even though no goals were . He was treated exactly like all the other workers even though he had just joined the . Even though you disagree with her, she’s worth listening . There was never enough money to support his family even though he was hard-working and did two jobs at the same . After learning some simple Chinese, the American girl was able to communicate with the other students in her . When doing the writing exercise for this course, you should remember that you are writing according to a specific . Until finished, the problem was a continuous worry to . While working at the computer, the young man was listening to music over the radio all the . The grass will grow more quickly if watered . I have decided to accept the new post, even though the job is not very well . The job has been taken to be very simple until (it is) actually . Now that you are planning to move to Canada, you must try to adjust to cold weather in . He promised to help us to buy the house, but with a little . This is an important meeting. Please see to it that you are not late for . He is experienced businessman who has engaged in foreign trade for quite a few . 他决心向那个女孩谈自己的计划,即使他知道她很可能拒绝听。2. 一离开那条长长的正街,他就发现自己身处城里十分贫穷的区域。3. 听到那首歌,我不禁悲从中来,想起了那些困苦的日子。4. 每个想过健康生活的人,都必须在工作和娱乐之间寻求适当的平衡。5. 我的第一位老板真让人讨厌,让每个人日子难过似乎是他的乐趣。我干了没多久就走人了。6. 你能确保在本周末之前完成这项工作吗?伦敦有重要公干,总公司正在考虑派你去。ClozeX. 16. C of my classmates believe that Sandy has a good taste for music. The music she listens to always has a clear, strong rhythm and the music has a message for us to think about. Also, the words in the music are just like poems, so beautiful and easy for us to BReading . They found the . He reached the airport in . The old man dimly saw the young . The young marine sat by the old man the whole . A message came saying the real son was arrivingComprehension of the 2. extend 3. startle 4. located 5. inform 6. interrupted 7. collapsed 8. exchange 9. apparent 10. enableIV1. The government has called for an immediate investigation of the activities of the . We applied the medicine and in a few minutes Mrs. Johnson came . She coldly said goodbye to her friends. With that she shut the door and cried in the . Whatever your reason, I shall hold to my idea that people should be allowed to have private . To our surprise the stranger turned out to be allowed to an old friend of my mother’. He’s not in the office; he’s now on his way to London for a . When setting out on a long walk, always wear suitable . He was too disappointed by this lack of success to try . The couple loves each other dearly, but now and again they . In the subway station the poor old woman begged the passengers for money, but they paid no attention to her. 追问: 是wealth success or love这篇文章的英语翻译成中文

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一、1~5CDCBD 6~10 BADCC二、 come 10.(to) carry三、 to buy right long of was四、 about their pets as our best to the help of up up五、1~5 ABCCD 6~10 ACBDC六、1~5 BCADDⅦ.(One possible version)As a student, you may know the importance of English. I believe that learning English is just like learning to play the piano; by practicing every day. We must use English every day. I not onlyanswer the teacher’s questions in English, but also speak English as much as I can after class. I often practice conversations with my friends. I think that doing lots of listening practice is one of the secrets of becoming a good language learner. I’ve learned a lot by working with a group. WatchingEnglish-language TV programs can help a lot. The most important rule for learning English is “Don’t be afraid of making mistakes, because everyone makes mistakes”

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