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Freshman when the family because of the distress, I had to leave. After a time, I have been in the work-study-state life, at that time, Fan Li has given me is of great help. Academic pressure and work I am a busy day and enrich the lives of tension, but you did not miss it on the 1st dissipated. Over the years feel like a head buried in the sand bags in the ostrich, thinking that you can forget all the troubles and miss, But I found that I was wrong, short-term problems can be forgotten, but miss the cut in any case is ongoing. Whenever Yeshenrenjing time, I always think of you all the little Didi, I still never forget your gentle and thoughtful voice, your beautiful, Xiuwaihuizhong. Whenever they think of the time, I would think I was a happy day, the fatigue will vanish. You have to know in Mangwan day after day, with a sweet sleep, I miss the uh, what are absolute necessities. You US-good! I am the last to Hangzhou, in fact, you do not have the necessary but not me. Xu Xujiu that would like to tell you that they want to tell you. I say to you, Hangzhou, to guests. Actually joked. Liming and I said I had handed over a girlfriend. Subsequently separated. In fact, I just want to test the response you just, when there are feelings and conditions Qutan » Xiao-Reply tell you for allowing me that you had a boyfriend. If I do not think that Italy, it was a fake, whether you had a boyfriend this is true or false, I would sincerely wishes to you! You really feel I have never had »I Haosha! Even by what » Perhaps this to you, I have the good. Take care! When I respect all these years is wishful thinking, just Zizuoduoqing. Always to learn how to grow up, especially feelings. Oh, say, is like you for giving me a lesson, oh «I stupid people laugh, perhaps Yes, perhaps feeling really should not see such heavy. Benlaishixiang amuse you happy earlier point (this is in fact a friend I found out the idea, hey ... Yicuozaicuo.) Really do not respect you, I am sorry. Hey .... Perhaps this outcome is a good thing, thank you. I stupid people laugh, perhaps it is. Saddam, but how » The same day ah.

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never stop smiling, not even eone doesnt love you the eone is to be sitting right beside him knowing you cant have him.


to love and to be loved is the greatest happiness of existence.


to the world you may be one person, but to one person you may be the world.


true loves the gift which god has given to man alone beneath the heaven.


love is not only a sentiment but also an art.


love triumphs over everthing. love has no age, no limit and no death.


never frown,even when you are sad,because youn ever know who is falling in love with your smile.


i love you not because of who you are, but because of who i am when i am with you.


it is impossible to love and to be wise.


1、Maybe God an is time to time into my dreams that arouse my memory of the past days ing has shaped my life. please accept my lasting yearning for you, my dear friend.

你我相识虽然短暂,可是你给我的影响竟是那么深远。永远思念你,我的挚友!18、 each other in missings each night.无论是时间的距离,还是空间的距离,都无法隔断我们的视 线,每天晚上,我们不是都在思念中相见吗?

20、In this good season and beautiful days, send you missings and best wishes.

平安的季节,美好的日子,寄上浓浓的相思,送给你一份美好的祝福。21、her with you forever.


29、Never frown, even when you are sad, because you never know who is falling in love with your smile.


1、幸福,来自于一颗踏实安静的心。 Happiness, come from a steadfast quiet heart. 2、我是一个时刻给自己找幸福感的人。 I am a moment to find their oetimes happiness is not you desperately chased the distance, but is in your heart. 13、我们不要总是高估自己的痛苦,看低自己的幸福! e difficulties should also try our best to everyone. 18、阳光下的泡沫,是彩色的,就像的我,是幸福的。 The bubble in the sunlight, it is colorful, like be cheated me, is the happiness. 19、如果遗忘就是幸福,那么我宁愿一辈子这样伤痛下去。 If forgotten is happiness, then I ing floe, you need to quietly to a common heart to feel. 31、有一种幸福是,当我想吃香蕉蛋糕的时候,你就出现在我面前。 There is a kind of happiness, promise, ing. 59、回首往事,日子中竟全是斑斓的光影,记忆的屏障中,曾经心动的声音已渐渐远去。 Looking back, the days of all colors of light and shadoe people etimes, all calm. 67、幸福有双翅膀,要把它系住,难中至难。而我的幸福就是空中的风筝,只是那风筝线不在我手中。 Happiness had ails. When using rose heart to see the world, the world will give you full beauty.

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问题一:比赛用英语怎么说 比赛 match petition race conte弗t game 上面的都行啊~~~ 问题二:和……比赛 用英语怎么说 定ompete with ... 【希望帮助到你,若有疑问,可以追问~~~ 祝你学习进步,更上一层楼!(*^__^*)】 问题三:去比赛的英语怎么说 请百度一下 问题四:友谊第一,比赛第二.用英语怎么说 英文原文:下面两句都行。Friendship first, petition second. Friendship es before petition. 英式音标: [?fren(d)??p] [f??st] , [k?mp??t??(?)n] [?sek(?)nd] . [?fren(d)??p] [?k?mz] [b??f??] [k?mp??t??(?)n] . 美式音标: [?fr?nd??p] [f?st] , [?k��mp??t???n] [?s?k?nd] . [?fr?nd??p] [k?mz] [b??f?r] [?k��mp??t???n] . 问题五:比赛用英语怎么说 比赛 match; petition; contest; tounament 在第一场比赛中我们和爱尔兰队打平了。 We drew with Ireland in the first game 《柯林斯高阶英汉双解学习词典》 2 我在和阿森纳队的比赛中上演了帽子戏法。 I scored a hat-trick against Arsenal. 《柯林斯高阶英汉双解学习词典》 3 我们赢了3场对澳大利亚的比赛。 We won three games against Australia. 《柯林斯高阶英汉双解学习词典》 4 这场比赛谁赢了? Who won the game? 《汉英大词典》 5 我在两场对阵巴塞罗那队的比赛中都进了球;我们在主场战平,在客场赢了他们。 I scored in both games against Barcelona; we drew at home and beat them away. 《柯林斯高阶英汉双解学习词典》 6 在与哪个国家的比赛中伊恩・赖特打进了他在国际比赛中的首粒进球? Against which country did Ian Wright score his first international goal? 《柯林斯高阶英汉双解学习词典》 7 我想和他进行一场拳击比赛,争夺这一头衔。 I'd like to fight him for the title. 问题六:参加一个比赛 用英语怎么说 1. participate in a match/game/pitition 2. 在...中心:in the centre of.... 问题七:英语演讲比赛用英语怎么说? 英语演讲比赛 = English Speaking Competition. = English public speaking petition. (演讲 = public speaking) = English Speech petition. 都可以. 问题八:“比赛”的英文咋说? game match 祝你学习进步O(∩_∩)O哈! 如果对你有所帮助,还望采纳O(∩_∩)O哈! 如还有不懂的,叮可以继续追问哦\(^o^)/~

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Exhibition letter Ann, busy to disturb you is really embarrassed.

Now, I think I should be time to write a letter to you,

I just know you hate me so much,。

but please allow to be my last audience?

Because there is a lot that I want to tell you through this letter.

Thanks. These years, lost your contact but also lost our friendship, my deep regret.

Unfortunately, life has no regret! If I can help.

Good friends should help each other, isn't they?


Maybe you don't know, I have been missing you,

not blame you, blame me for cowardice and escape.

After high school, the family asked me to "official" (superstition).

I did not from, so I hid in a classmate's home, at that time。

now think is really ridiculous, obviously very want to

know how your college entrance examination,

but just do not have the courage to call you, why? Is irritable?

Or are timid? Maybe all, so I asked him to inquire about you (call you)。

and I knew it harassed you. It may hurt your heart and live up to her expectations.

But I am not like that Like it?

I hope to take this opportunity to express my apology to you and say sorry to you!

I know some things are useless to say sorry, but I still beg for your forgiveness。

hope you can accept my late confession, hope the past let him past.

Perhaps you have forgotten, perhaps I also do not need to mention again。

and perhaps at the beginning is redundant.

and then later, gradually there is no news of you.

I also have no way, because at that time I was really chaotic,

my world became a mess。

my mood was bad to the extreme, I don't want to be tired to you, really! .

(Actually, I have asked someone to go to Dongxi to find you。

I know your home is not in Dongxi. ) 。

In my freshman year, I dropped out because of my family distress.

After that time, I have been living while working and learning, and at that time。

Fan Zhengli gave me a great help.

The pressure of study and busy work make my daily life full and nervous,

but my thoughts for you have never subsided one day.

Over the years, I felt like an ostrich with my head buried in a sandbag,。

thinking that I could forget all my troubles and missing。

but I found that I was wrong, my troubles can be briefly forgotten,

and the missing is beheaded in any case.

Whenever it is quiet in the dead of night , I always think of all your dribs and drabs。

I always forget your gentle and considerate voice, your beauty, show off the wisdom.

Whenever I think of these, I will feel that I am happy, the day's fatigue will also disappear.

You have ever know every day after a busy day,

with sweet miss sleep, what comfortable ah. Hello and beautiful!

The last time I came to Hangzhou, in fact, you don't need to see me.

Just want to talk to you, just want to tell you this.

I said I wanted you to come to Hangzhou. It's actually a joke.

Li and I said I had a girlfriend before.

Later, he broke up. In fact, I just want to test your reaction,

there was a mood and conditions to talk about?

You asked Xiao to tell me that you have a boyfriend.

If I don't think of it, it is false, no matter you

have a boyfriend this matter is true or false。

I will sincerely bless you! Have you really never felt anything about me?

I am so stupid! What if you do so? Maybe this is good to you, good to me.

Take good care of you! Just be me

The years have been wishful thinking and sentimental.

People always have to learn to grow up, feelings.

Ha ha, so say up, it is as if you gave me a lesson oh?

People laugh at me silly, maybe it is, perhaps the feelings really shouldn't see so heavy.

Some time ago was originally wanted to make you happy。

(in fact, this is a friend of my search idea, ah... a wrong again wrong. )。

Really disrespect for you, sorry. Ah.... maybe this is a good ending, thank you.

People laughed at me silly, maybe it was.

Fool, but what? The day still goes on.

Right, right? Haha.... Are you doing right now?

Your one Are you sister and brother?

How about the aunt? Or will you call it so?

It feels like you are a bit like an aunt right now.

Uncle's eyes are like you, so crazy! Mother and uncle is so happy!

Ha ha! After writing these words, feel the mood really relaxed a lot。

the original no worry alive is so easy, everything let go, with the encounter!

Let everything with the wind!

Finally sincerely wish you, wish you smooth work,。

wish you find life really love you good partner,

wish aunt smile, also wish your family happiness!

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除了对”伯父的眼睛好像你,那么痴情!伯母好幸福!呵呵! ”这一句,其他句子我保持原意,逐字逐句的翻完了,如果你有什么疑问,发消息给我 Greetings! I find it embarrassing to bother you in your busy schedule but I think now is the time to write to you. I was unaware of your hate on me until now, but would you kindly be my audience for the last time please? …because I have a lot of words to say herein, thanks for your had lost in touch with each other in recent years and meanwhile lost the friendship between, I’m profoundly regretful for that, anyway,life is regretless!( And hey, you need anything, you can always come to me, what’s a real friend for?)Perhaps you don’t know, I have been missing in you, it’s my fault---my cowardly behavior and escapism。After high school, my family wanted to govern me into a superstition life. I refused to comply and hid in my friend’s home, how ridiculous I was, evidently I wanted to know your performance in college entrance exam, but not brave enough to ask, why? Fidgety? cowardly? Maybe both, so I requested him to sound you out (by phone), I knew I annoyed you. You were likely to be hurt, and I betrayed the expectation of auntie. But did I feel differently? I hope you accept my apologies, I’m really very sorry! Although I know apology is not enough at all, I beg your pardon, hope to get my confess toward your comprehensive heart, Let bygones be bygones. Perhaps you’ve forgotten, perhaps it’s no need to remind it, perhaps it’s redundant from the beginning…then, gradually I lost touch with you. Did I have choice? My life is chaotic, my world is a mess, I had the worst mood, and how could I embroil you in at that time?(in fact, I had consigned a friend to find you in DongXi, now I know that you don’t live there )Living in a poor family, I discontinued my studying while was a freshman. In the following days, I kept working and learning, meanwhile, FanZhengLi helped me a lot. Tension and stress from busy work and study enrich my daily life, but I’d never stopped missing you .Like an ostrich puts its head in sandpile, I thought I could forget all the trouble and stop longing for you, but I failed, annoyance can be swipe aside but how could love be. In the dead of night, I was thinking about every detail of you,I will never forget your softness considerate voice, your beautiful and goodness. Every time think about this,I feel happy and release from one-day busy work, sleep with sweet memory is so agreeable. You are so beautiful ! Last time I came to HangZhou, it’s not necessary for you to blench me. I just wanted to talk with you about the past, that’s all I want to tell you. It was a joke that I asked you for a treat. I told LiMing that I had a girlfriend before but broke up, I just wanted to know your response on it, how could I have the mood and qualification to dating with a girl at that time? You consigned XiaoYin to tell me that you already had a boyfriend,I do care that,what ever it is true or not,you will have my sincerely wishes!Have you ever had a crush on me?What a fool I am ! If so,It’s nothing different for me if you were my girl or not .Maybe it’s better for both of us,take good care of yourself !All these years I’ve been living in a fancied world created by myself. Everyone should grown up someday,so does so, is it you who taught me a lesson? People make fun of me because of my foolish, it might be true, and I do not have to treat affections seriously. In some times past, I was mean to tickle you(it’s a “good” idea from my friend, sigh…made another mistake.)How disrespectful I am, shame. Sign…it might be a good ending, thank you. People make fun on my stupidity, may it be, foolish, so what? Life goes on as usual. right? Haha…. How do you like your life now? Remember me to auntie、uncle、to your sister and brother. I feel that you and auntie have something good in common, you have beautiful, spoony eyes ! Your parents are Darby and Joan, how I admire them! HeheWhen I finished these words, I was relaxing, it’s really leisured for a man to live without anything in his mind, let things be what they like, feel at ease under all circumstance! let all the things go with the wind!I'd like to send you my wishes means more than I can show. With all my heart, Every success in your job. Hope you have an excellent companion that really love you, wish auntie always happy , . Please accept my wishes to and your family.

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Zhan Xinan, sorry to trouble you in such a busy now,i think it's time to write to you. i suddenly realize you hate me so i be your best audience for the last time?i want to tell you something through the letter,thank you. in recent years,we have lost not only lost connection but also our feel deeply regretful,but i can't you have some trouble and i'm able to help you,please tell me without any should help each other ,isn't it? perhaps you don't know that i have been missing you Continuously. it's not you to blame but my cowardly you don't know that i have been missing you Continuously. it's not you to blame but my cowardly evasion. after graduation from senior school,i refused to 过官子(什么意思?连我这个中国人都看不懂,翻不出来)as my relatives asked and hid in a friend 's look back at it,i feel myself such i wanted to know your mark of national college entrance tests ,i failed to encourage myself to call you. what for? for annoyment or timid?perhaps for i had him call you,and i knew it disturbed may hurt your heart and turn your mother 'd like to deliver my apology to you,i'm really very beg your the unhappy memory go with the wind !

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